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Live Set Recording // 19.05.11 // Barkollo // Newcastle upon Tyne

Invisible beats, slow strut, and a wonky waltz. Foreshadows, future ghosts, and a night on itself choking… …Artifice and relic, ecclesiastically shuffled.

QR Custom Ridez.

Beginning to look into custom QR code design, and found a lot of pretty interesting stuff around.  Going to be creating some codes and playing around in Gimp to see how much I can get away with, seeing as there seems to be a fairly huge error correction built into them (around 30%) so hopefully … Continue reading

Hubcast IV

Really enjoying putting these together; the discovery, the act of looking, sifting, shuffling, mixing, drenching, juxtaposing. This is the fourth installment of hopefully very many more to come, and I think this may be the best of the bunch so far. For me anyway. Featuring musicians living in Newcastle upon Tyne who post and blog … Continue reading

Chris Milk & Arcade Fire Video

Chris Milk has done a really nice, interesting, and just really pleasing interactive video for the Arcade Fire’s new single. You type in the address of the place you grew up, and by drawing on Google Earth and Street View it creates a kind of browser montage of imagery alongside other footage. Sit through it, … Continue reading

More Setbacks

Further major problems bubbled up to the surface yesterday (16th August 2010) when the Californian company that was going to supply me with what they called bluetooth tap-servers decided that there was a minimum order requirement of one hundred units.  I need ten.  At fifty dollars a unit excluding VAT and P&P…well, you can see … Continue reading

One step forward…other leg stuck in the mud.

Certain crucial aspects of this project are starting to come along very nicely. I have finally found small, portable, autonomous bluetooth transmitters that will, allegedly, do exactly what I envisioned.  I rather stubbornly refused the glut of technological hurdles any concessions, any influence, over the direction of this project.  My inflexibility and my insistence on … Continue reading

A glancing explanation

So, I keep bumping into friends who I assume have suffered countless tedious explanations of my project and all its tousled aims.  Well that turns out not to be true.  At all.   Some of my closest friends are hazily aware of one aspect of what I am doing, others seem surprised when I mention … Continue reading

Elsewhereness at Manchester’s FutureEverything

Popped down to Manchester briefly to see some of the Futureeverything festival exhibits.  Probably the most interesting work I saw was a video installation by Anders Weberg and Robert Willem called Elsewhereness, which used video/photographic footage of Manchester sourced online to create an undulating collage of flickering cityscapes.  The inherent ‘elsewhereness’ in the work was … Continue reading

Get yer mitts on this.

Steve Goodman, who I am heavily influenced by, has a brand spanking new book out; Sonic Warefare, available at MIT Press.  Mine arrived today!! Steve Goodman’s blog, which has an incredible number of distractingly brilliant links.  Had me digging around for hours;  Sonic Warfare.

Re-imagining Newcastle

Less of a post than a last minute pointer to some great work by artist Jamie Allen. The Wunderbar festival has been happening over the past week all over the city, but Jamie’s piece From Here On Out is a particular highlight.  Less about the hidden architecture of the city, and perhaps more to do … Continue reading