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QR Custom Ridez.

Beginning to look into custom QR code design, and found a lot of pretty interesting stuff around.  Going to be creating some codes and playing around in Gimp to see how much I can get away with, seeing as there seems to be a fairly huge error correction built into them (around 30%) so hopefully I’ll be able to do something quite unique, probably incorporating some of the helmet-style photography that I use for Mannequin Licker imagery.

New York Times (December 2010) - I love this balloon idea, but cant seem to get it to work on my readers.

About mannequinlicker

Mannequin Licker is a contra-pop electronic music artist based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Working within strands of new distributive practice and technology the aim is to explore notions of dissemination, interventionism, giving, audiencing, mobile publics, and ownership. The aim of this blog is to document my reflections on the project as it progresses, my intention being to post, if not regularly, then at least during its most productive stretches.


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