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Free Downloadable Fwonkcasts

I’ll be recording each radio show from now and posting them up here for folks to download.  The first recorded show was last night’s one that featured Sun Ra, Zomby, Jemini, Tyler The Creator, Pookey Blow, Mono/Poly, Company Flow, amongst others.  We travelled an interstellar highway from hiphop to cosmic jazz to jungle, garage and … Continue reading

Radiohead Remix

A reworking of Radiohead’s Feral, from The King Of Limbs.  Tried to shake the whole thing loose, and give it a sort of garage/2step vibe.

Early Morning Wanderings

Walking through Newcastle tonight, at around 2am, slightly happily drunk, I was struck by how urgent, how burning, how paramount, the desire to reach home was.  The focus, unlike any other, was at the expense of any rational sense of pace, or direction (I took a “shortcut” through the Bigg Market to Grey Street which … Continue reading

James Blake’s Future Ghost

Found this today, a haunting remix of one of the shorter tracks on James Blake’s album by Futurerelix.  Lovely stuff, pitched down vocals…pitched against the current trend for pitched up vocals…