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Cuts, protests and now Spy Drones…obviously.

We are expected to quietly swallow a system of severe (and unnecessary) ideologically motivated cuts by politicians who have outright lied to us, while being marginalised as unreasonable or even (domestic) extremists for demonstrating against them.  This paranoid criminalization of students and protesters (as extreme leftwingers, not generally politically moderate citizens outraged by government cuts … Continue reading


I have just arrived back to Newcastle from London, and I must say that the media coverage *so far* has been appalling and a disgraceful example of alarmist bullshit.  BBC news cited a ‘failure in policing’, but rather it is a failure in reporting and covering in detail the fifty two thousand students, lecturers, teachers, … Continue reading

Cleaving Contradictions

How much difference to you or anyone else does it make that you’re actually (‘still’) alive (i.e. if all you do is take what’s shoved at you)? A truly inspiring blog post went up this morning on the ICMUS Hub that is worth several hundred reads.  I’m planning to write, perhaps not a response per … Continue reading

Demolition 2010 – Protest The Education Cuts!!!!

Help prevent the looming marketisation of our education system by joining the march in London on the 10th November 2010. I will be there. See this article about the government’s plans to crack down on people on benefits for longer than four weeks. Of course all of these public sector cuts will do wonders for … Continue reading

Decretal Fodder

Really pleased with how the Mannequin-Licker’s-wither’d-brother-music is going.  Here is a track off the album that I completed today. Sickly, dripping in the canon’s weary repertoire loops