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For capitalism to function in Britian, it requires of its citizens a willingness to exist for nearly the entirety of their lives in huge amounts of debt.  Credit cards, overdrafts, loans, mortgages, student loans, to name but a few.  Large purchases (cars, kitchens, bathrooms) are generally bought under some form of a credit finance agreement.  … Continue reading

Hubcast IV

Really enjoying putting these together; the discovery, the act of looking, sifting, shuffling, mixing, drenching, juxtaposing. This is the fourth installment of hopefully very many more to come, and I think this may be the best of the bunch so far. For me anyway. Featuring musicians living in Newcastle upon Tyne who post and blog … Continue reading

Hubcast Vol.3

Third installment of work from here. Originally broadcast on the 21st of October 2010 on Culture Lab Radio. As usual, it’s downloadable.

The New Ruins

Something I’ve mentioned a few times over the last year here. (I must be about 1 around now!) While the ruins of the postwar settlement’s architecture – the under-maintained estates, the yawningly wide plazas, the vertiginous new spaces of towers and walkways – elicited aesthetic responses in post-punk and electronic music that matched the starkness, … Continue reading

Darkstar: North

Not quite understanding the buzz around Darkstar’s full-length ‘North’ at the moment.  What appears on first-listen as dreary Ableton plug-in demonstrations (especially the track Deadness), remains as such on subsequent listens; it’s texturally static.  The track North strives for a menace that the production holds back, but it does hint at Portishead’s Machine Gun – … Continue reading

Hubcast Vol.2

Just put together the second mix of tracks from Newcastle music department’s Hub this afternoon.  It’s been fun, rediscovering music that is a hell of a lot more radical than the shit most people are blogging about.  Some absolutely incredible stuff on this, including tracks by chiptune producer Syphus (or Lightbomb), WFMU’s Nat Roe, and … Continue reading

Beautiful Mixtape & My Listening Highlights

John from the Guessmen recently put together a really very beautiful understated mixtape for Culture Lab Radio featuring The Out-Islanders, Sun Ra, Untold, The Flamingos and other super tracks. Check it out below. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// In a similar vain to Rouge’s Foam, here are some highlights of my listening over the last few months.  Some old, … Continue reading

Entangled In Systems of Inertia (and myself)

This is likely to read as completely ill-informed rubbish, especially in the effervescent light of K-Punk‘s and Splintering Bone Ashes‘ bloggy eloquence.   I can’t at all pretend to be as erudite as these writers, but as a practitioner, some shards of my aspects glance their discourses, and wink sheepishly as they trundle by.  I … Continue reading

Hubcasts on Culture Lab Radio

I do a weekly radio show (under the pseudonym Mannequin Licker) on Newcastle University’s Culture Lab Radio station, which can be accessed here.  My show tends to be a little more free-form than others on the station, but I do tend to play a lot of new dubstep and its offshoots alongside the usual glut … Continue reading