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Chris Milk & Arcade Fire Video

Chris Milk has done a really nice, interesting, and just really pleasing interactive video for the Arcade Fire’s new single. You type in the address of the place you grew up, and by drawing on Google Earth and Street View it creates a kind of browser montage of imagery alongside other footage. Sit through it, … Continue reading

The Future

More Setbacks

Further major problems bubbled up to the surface yesterday (16th August 2010) when the Californian company that was going to supply me with what they called bluetooth tap-servers decided that there was a minimum order requirement of one hundred units.  I need ten.  At fifty dollars a unit excluding VAT and P&P…well, you can see … Continue reading


I wrote this in December 2009 and withheld from posting it.  It’s a little off the blog’s topic, but it belatedly gets a lot of stuff of my chest, which is helpful right now. For the past week or so I have been consistently unable to sleep until four in the morning, when I drift … Continue reading