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Mannequin Licker’s Fetid Reflection

I have begun to post tracks that use old recordings intended for the Mannequin Licker project; old jams/improvisations, found sound on a variety of recording devices – dictaphones, mobile phones, digital recorders, laptops, and hard drive archives of material that I had forgotten about. Scraps, if you will. They aim to carve out paranoid spaces … Continue reading

One step forward…other leg stuck in the mud.

Certain crucial aspects of this project are starting to come along very nicely. I have finally found small, portable, autonomous bluetooth transmitters that will, allegedly, do exactly what I envisioned.  I rather stubbornly refused the glut of technological hurdles any concessions, any influence, over the direction of this project.  My inflexibility and my insistence on … Continue reading

The Centre Of It All

So it has got to the point where any slightly murky flickering ambience, any tune with a fractured pitch-shifted vocal line, fuzzy digital noise, melancholic harmonic progression, vaguely 2-steppy beats forces every lazy reviewer to spew the same uninspired semi-poetic bullshit. I’m guilty of it in a couple of my earlier posts, so before I … Continue reading


I’ve been working on this track for the forthcoming Mannequin Licker album.  It’s been through three radically different incarnations and is probably the one that takes aim most explicitly at the more traditional dubstep sound (I’m thinking King Midas Sound, Kode9, The Bug etc). Frankly it’s the straightest I’m going to go, so do have … Continue reading