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Say NO to Trident Replacement

Techno techno techno

Decided to try my hand at some more straight-up techno stuff, as an experiment.  Stripped things down to drum machine, bass and synth.

Mannequin Licker Remix – Abscess of Myth

Been working on a remix of a really beautiful track by an amazing songwriter.  Still needs tweaked and twerked etc. Check Sadie’s stuff out here, also here and here.

Woozy Crackle-Thump

So roughly halfway through finishing my album, and I’ve tried to strip things down for a couple of tracks to try to find a kind of pulsating dread. Been listening to a lot of the Kode9 & Spaceape stuff, particularly their version of The Specials’ Ghost Town (I can’t find a link anywhere to it), and … Continue reading

Pangaea – Memories

Landgrabbing & Ghost Towns

What is slowly becoming apparent in Newcastle upon Tyne is not only the scale of what is always enthusiastically dubbed by governments and councils as urban regeneration, but its particular and spectacular failure.  During the late 1980s and early 1990s plans were put in place with the intention to make the city’s quayside and surrounding … Continue reading

Off-Kilter Beats, Rhythm & Resistance

What is fascinating me particularly about both my own beat making practice and the great glut of new electronic music is how it has the potential to excite and reignite discourse on rhythm, pulse, meter, beat, and the nature of repetition/looping etc, and perhaps how these relate to formal compositional methods too. The complexion of … Continue reading

Sonic splinters from James Blake & others

There has been such an explosion of great new electronic music that it has been exhausting trying to keep up – shrapnel perhaps from the emergence of dubstep, catalyzed by it maybe (Kode9’s Hyperdub label has been undoubtedly pivotal to nurturing this proliferation and perhaps the increasing diversification of its output over the last five … Continue reading