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I thought I’d share an unfinished draft of one of the tracks from the forthcoming Mannequin Licker album here.  It’s one of the more…melancholy tracks, and there is still quite a bit of work to do on it, more sub, vocal samples, tweaks and twerks etc…

Get yer mitts on this.

Steve Goodman, who I am heavily influenced by, has a brand spanking new book out; Sonic Warefare, available at MIT Press.  Mine arrived today!! Steve Goodman’s blog, which has an incredible number of distractingly brilliant links.  Had me digging around for hours;  Sonic Warfare.

Pulling Dubstep from under the R(a)/(u)bble

Describing or attempting to define the dubstep sound is difficult, it poses a few problems perhaps most notably because of the glut of simplistic and macho half-step with the standard throbby wobbly basslines, (no gloop though, why does no-one do gloop???) and half-tempo beats programmed half-arsedly.   But it seems that it is more generally related … Continue reading