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A little tardy on the posting of this admittedly…The Glasgow based label Wireblock is well worth keeping an eye on if you are a fan of the Lucky Me collective, Rustie, HudMo and all that lot. They release a lot of what I have mentioned in previous posts – wonky, aquacrunk, boombap etc… This, in … Continue reading

Psychogeography and…Ikea

Sometimes I get the feeling that if I walked through  Ikea entirely in the opposite direction to the one insisted by the blue or yellow arrows on the floor, against something so intrinsic to the store’s fabric, that some sort of supermassive black hole would materialize out of the collective implosion of other customers – … Continue reading

Five Years of Hyperdub Records

An absolutely fantastic five-year retrospective of Kode 9’s Hyperdub label covering all of its most important releases.  Features Burial, Joker, Kode9, Zomby, Flying Lotus and Darkstar among others.  You can have a listen on the old Spotify, but I highly recommend trying to get your mitts on the vinyl if you can.  Really really excited … Continue reading

Distribution/Piracy & Identity

Because music is distributed as a digital object, it carries embedded within it the ability to be very easily copied and transmitted further. The ability to control and regulate it becomes exceptionally demanding, and consequently the lack of engagement and understanding surrounding the issue has led to some bafflingly clumsy attempts by governments, the industry … Continue reading

Industrial Wooze-Thump

Some really nice electronica/drum&bass with some lovely throbbing atmospherics on Ninja Tune.  King Cannibal. There’s some really deep industrial wooze on their tracks, and the beats have that menacing ketamine-thump of the darker end of dubstep. This one “Murder Us” is particularly outstanding… (You can listen to the full album on the ever-wonderful Spotify).


So one of the most important aspects of this project is the relationship between the music (which uses field recordings from the eleven preassigned locations around Newcastle), those eleven physical places (where each track is “located”), and the virtual environment that re-imagines those locations.  Whilst working notionally within the realms of site-specific art, I am … Continue reading

Some more post-(dub)step

Some fantastic new abstract dubstep some are calling ‘post-dubstep’ but perhaps might be more appropriately called ‘post-step’.  Listen to Mount Kimbie’s “Serged“, and check out their other stuff on youtube.  Really lovely stuff, quite similar to Burial.  Released on Hotflush recordings, a great label with a few other great dubstep(ish) names in their roster. [Agh, … Continue reading

Lickr on Flickr

You can follow me on Flickr now, by clicking here.  I will be posting various arty works and photographs as things progress.   Also, I’m in love with the Finnish Artist Mia Makila, whose low-brow horror-art is some of the most wonderful stuff I’ve seen recently. Here’s a sample;


A friend and I were chatting the other day about ideas of private/public space/personal space when I mentioned Hakim Bey’s notion of TAZs (Temporary Autonomous Zones), and other similar anarchist ideals – pirate utopias – zones of independent activity that exist for short periods of time as temporary alternatives to the mainstream, where their brevity … Continue reading


What I find most appealing about the darker, perhaps more abstract fringes of dubstep (in particular the fantastic Burial) is the use of radically different – or at least oppositional – temporal modes that skewer our senses of pacing and pulse.  The sombre atmospherics, ambience, noise, and barely perceptible vocal samples which suggest the slow-burning … Continue reading